CodeFuture is a ten-week, part-time online coding school that turns programming novices into proficient developers.

Unlike other coding schools, our project-based curriculum promises real results with a web or mobile application that our students build from scratch.



As former instructors at Hack Reactor, we’ve helped graduate over 200 people who have gone on to become professional software engineers at companies such as Google, IBM, NASA, and Riot Games.



Our curriculum is centered around JavaScript, one of the most relevant and versatile languages in the industry. We teach all of the technologies taught at top coding bootcamps, but at a fraction of the price.



No need to change up your family’s schedule or commute to inconvenient locations. Our curriculum is taught entirely online, and students choose their own hours.

Why CodeFuture?

Personalized learning

Students meet with an online instructor once a week during the course. They’ll also be able to communicate with their instructor at any time while going through the modules.

Accessible from anywhere

All your child needs is a computer with a webcam and internet. CodeFuture requires only one hour of one-on-one instruction each week, with online learning modules to be completed on the student’s own availability and time.

Creating independent coders

Many other youth coding programs offer a variety of different courses (games, mobile development, web design, etc.); however, none of them delve deeply enough into a single subject in order to make their students independent coders.

Valuable in any field

We educate students with the purpose of applying their software engineering knowledge to any field or career, regardless of whether it’s STEM or not. The world is becoming increasingly technical, and we want our students to be ahead of the curve.

What Our Students Learn

Computer Science

Our students get a head start on essential computer science topics such as algorithms, data structure, and software design.

Front-end Development

In this day and age, users expect much more than a simple web page. Our curriculum explores HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as more modern technologies like React.js.

Back-end Development

With the rise of Node.js and its ecosystem of libraries, JavaScript has become the leader of back-end web development. We teach everything from creating a server to designing an API.


Our students will also become familiar with widely-used databases such as MySQL and MongoDB, as well as the best practices for integrating them into their apps.


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